Saturday, 31 December 2011


So 2011 is coming to a close and 2012 is slowly creeping towards us. There are many, many speculations as to what 2012 will bring us, and I am sure many changes will happen whether they be world changes or more likely, personal changes. I do not believe in any form of 'Rapture', and that we shall live life as normal and by 2013 another rapture date will be set for us all to fear about. The only thing I fear is a Dalek breaking free in the salt plains of Utah and planning to kill everything on Earth, for me that is more likely than a religious war between good and evil.

(If you get the reference then I love you)

On Christmas Day I got a 2012 diary from Santa and it made me think, what have I got planned for 2012? What do I hope to achieve by the end of the year? Honestly, I didn't think I could answer either of those. I sat down later that day to fill dates into my diary, which I must say I have a great love of doing, and I wrote very little in it in fact I only wrote three things in it. Looking at what I did write, it makes me think about what I might hope and plan to actually achieve in 2012.

I will admit that I noted down what I hope to be the year anniversary between me and my boyfriend. I have never been in a relationship that has lasted anywhere near a year but this one I hope lasts the year and beyond. I think me writing that there confirms the fact that I believe that it actually might, and I sincerely hope that it does.
I always worry about growing old alone. Not just being single, but being truly alone and having nobody. I have felt it more these past few months than ever before. In regards to my job I get a flat paid for me, so I live rent free. However this flat is where I live. Alone. I have plenty of friends who I go out and socialise with and hang out with, but when I wake up in the morning and when I come home at night I feel more alone than I have ever felt before.
All my life I lived with my family, knowing that throughout the day I would have contact with them. Then when I moved to university I shared a living environment with 18 people, which made it impossible to ever be left alone. But now there is only me. When I am in my flat by myself I feel lost, trapped, alone. I miss that constant physical contact with another human being. I guess what I want and need out of 2012 is to keep the relationships I have, and strengthen and grow the ones that are just beginning.

The second thing I noted in my diary was 'Going back Home'. I noticed after I marked the date that I never wrote 'Stirling' or 'University', I wrote 'Home'. I guess this is true, Stirling is my home now. I spend most of the year in Scotland and will be spending around 9 months of 2012 there, so why shouldn't it be my home now. They always say 'home is where the heart is' and my heart is truly in Stirling. I no longer see Northern Ireland as home any more, this is where I was born, Lisburn is my home town but not my home.
When I come home I want nothing more than to get back to Stirling, I hate being back home, especially under the rule of my mother. When I am in Stirling I am my own man, I am independent but while I am in Northern Ireland I hear the phrase 'while you are under my house you abide by my rules' far too often. I love my family and always will, but once you get a taste of independence and freedom you don't want to be caged up any more.
I have said to my parents that next Christmas I might only come home for Christmas week and be back in Stirling for New Years, who knows if that will happen but it is what I want. 2012 will see me moving further from my family and see the beginning and continuation of my own life, as my own man.

Growing Up.
The third and final thing I wrote in my diary is the one thing that frightens me about 2012 more than any Rapture ever could, my 20th birthday. After February I won't be a teenager any more and that scares the life out of me. I know it really is no difference but it just makes me realise that I am growing up and I am maturing. A friend said to me that since September she has seen me grow up and mature right before her very eyes. I laughed at her when she said it, but it is true and I can see it myself. I suppose that is something to be proud of.
But it makes me wonder, did I make the most of my teenage life? I know I am only turning 20 and have my whole life ahead of me, but do I have the same opportunities I might have missed out on? Have I really lived life to its fullest? Then I think to myself there is nothing stopping me from doing that now, and that no I haven't missed out on anything or wasted my teenage years. I have changed a great deal since I was 13, all for the better and surely that is what is more important. The final date in my diary scares me, but it also reminds me that there is always enough time to live life by the fullest and do what I want to do!

Writing this blog has made me realise that the one second that changes a minute to a new hour. an hour to a new day and a day to new year will not change one thing about me. 1st of January 2012 marks nothing more than a new day, a new calendar on the wall and the beginning of a few weeks of embarrassing yourself while you still write the year as 2011. Sure it may feel like a fresh start to some but to others it will be a fresh start because they are the ones who take every single say as a fresh start to do something good and to better their life. Sure these may be goals I have for 2012 but everyday will be filled with a fresh and ever changing goal as everyday shapes who I am and who I am becoming.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I Don't Believe in Gay Marriage!

When I grow up I want to be a gay politician, live in a gay house, cook gay dinner, watch gay tv, have a gay marriage, grow old with my gay husband and have gay kids.
When I grow up I want to be a politician, live in a house, cook dinner, watch tv, have a marriage, grow old with my husband and have a kid.
Just because I am gay does NOT mean that everything in my life is gay. So why should I have a 'gay marriage', why does it have to be labelled because of my sexuality, why can't I just get married?

In saying that though, I think the idea of marriage needs to be reviewed. Marriage used to be all about religion and being seen as a couple in the eyes of God, but not everyone believes in God so why should marriage still revolve around him? Sure you can get married in a Civil Ceremony but they still talk about being under the 'eyes of God'. I'm not a firm believer in God so why should I get married under his supervision and I am pretty sure atheists would feel the same.

Not only that, but many religions do not want to allow gays to get married, because of this religious belief of marriage, so why should we make them? Why should we stand and tell them that their religion is wrong? Everyone has an opinion, everyone has beliefs. Who are we to make them change them? Who made us God? Nobody. So instead of forcing them to change their views of marriage, why don't we change ours.

Marriage is a legally binding institution that defines how property, pensions, employment benefits, tax-credits, child support and inheritance and tenancy agreements are treated if one partner in the marriage dies, or the marriage comes to an end. -  UK Law

We need to strengthen the idea that marriage is not just a religious thing, but it is a contract between two people, sometimes for reasons other than religion; social, economic, spiritual and even just the emotional attachment that humans have to be with someone. We need to have two different forms of marriage. For the sake of argument I will call them 'Religious Marriage' and 'State Marriage'.

This solution is basically already in place in many countries, but it needs to be reinforced and strengthened and it needs to be seen as both marriages being different entities but still supporting the same basis. 

Religious Marriage:
You go to a church, or whichever place of worship you have, and have a traditional (or not) ceremony. You get married under the eyes of God and your protect the sanctity of marriage. You are not effecting anyone else, you are doing it by your own religion and that is that. You are now married under the eyes of God. But not the state. If you want to be married under the eyes of the state, to gain all the advantages of being married, you sign a document along with your Minister (or equivalent) and you are now married under the eyes of the state. Sounds pretty simple and is basically the same procedure which happens in today's society.

But the things is, not all people want this, Atheists for example, and then many religious groups do not want certain groups to get married in a church, Gays for example. So for this we have State Marriage.

State Marriage:
You got to a government approved building, or an alternative setting pre-arranged, such as libraries, beaches or even your own house, and have a wedding ceremony. You get married under the eyes of the state. The ceremony is not based on God or religion or anything and you sign a few papers along with the official who married you and you are now married under the eyes of the state, being able to enjoy the advantages it brings. This way you have not interfered with any religion and have not destroyed the 'sanctity of marriage'.

Is it just me or this not common sense. There should be a separation of church and state. Why should a state of elected officials be told by a religious body who does and doesn't have the right to get married? At the same time why should a religious body, which has been around for thousands of years, be told who they can and cannot stop getting married. It is unfair and unjust on both occasions. This way there is no confusion as to who (everyone) can get married.

Religious people can get married under the eyes of God and be happy knowing they are continuing in a thousand year old tradition while groups just as gays and atheists can get married under the eyes of the state knowing they are not infringing on the religion of others. This way different churches and different religions can choose whether or not they want gay marriage in their church. This is not stopping gays from getting married in a church, this is a solution to prevent from forcing view points on one another.

My name is Nathan Dickson and one day I want to grow up and get married. I don't want a 'gay marriage' I want a marriage. I want to be able to live my life free from religious constraints and free to marry who I please. Is that so hard to ask. Why does religion have to be brought in to it? All I want is to be able to enjoy the benefits being married has in a state and under the eyes of the law.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It's not the size of the Army, it is the Force of the Attack!

So I have studied many battles in my years of being a History student and I have learnt that it is not the size of the army that matters, but it is many other factors that determine a victory or not. Like what can you actually do with the army that you have? How successful has your army been in the past? Does your army have a reputation? The list goes on and on.

Compared to America, Vietnam had a very small army. America had this huge reputation about how it had never lost a war and was always victorious. Yet, Vietnam still won. Size isn't everything and America needed to learn this. Sure America's size had got it through some pretty good times in the past, but this time its size would not get it the victory it needed. Strategy and tactics is what is needed. Vietnam showed that sometimes a full out attack is not always the way to go, sometimes you need to warm up first. Guerilla Warfare got them through the war very successfully. They showed America that even though they had a small army, by use of small short attacks they could get the result that was required. It is not the size of the army, but all about how you use what you have got.

China's 'Ever Victorious Army' is another example of an army was ever victorious even though it encountered armies which where much bigger than it was. Here the battles where won because of training. If an army knows what it is doing and is well equipped it can defeat a less educated army simply. The Ever Victorious Army where very well trained not only in combat but also in strategy and used this to take down even the greatest of foes. This army is a prime example of showing us that it is not the size of the army,  but it is all about knowing what you are doing and not just about storming the keep.

During the American Civil War there where plenty occasions where battles where won by smaller forces. The Battle of Chanellorsville is one of these such occasions. The Confederacy force defeated the Union force even though it was fighting an army over double its size! The Confederacy used a number of different tactics throughout the battle from splitting it's troops to using defensive measure mixed with all out assaults. By varying its tactics it was able to successfully win the battle. We can see here that again it is not the size of the army that counts it is how you deliver your attack, by using different tactics and trying different things you will always come out with a better battle!

So from the three examples shown I think it is clear to say that the leader of the bigger army is not always going to be the most successful leader. To be a successful leader you need to work to your advantages. First of all you need to know what you are doing, if you don't know how to have a battle then you are screwed as the outcome is not going to be pretty and you will make a fool of yourself. You need to be able to know not only your tactics, but your opponents tactics, by knowing how each army is going to react you will give yourself a much better outcome than not planning your attack. Know what works for you. If a leader has a specific tactic that guarantees victory, use it, but know when to use it and how often to use it as too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. It is not about how big your army is, it is about the force of the attack and how big of an impact you make. There is no point winning a battle if it is never going to be celebrated in history as being a great battle. Remember there is a difference between a victory and a historical victory.

AND YES if you haven't already realised this blog was all about sex!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Hypnotist, A Blue Movie and A Strip Show!

So this is going to be more of a personal blog, I hope to do a few more of these and link them to my YouTube videos and have the two inter-related. It might not stay like this, but we shall see how it goes.

So last night (Friday 16th September) I had just planned to have a quiet night in and basically do nothing, but my friend asked me to go down to the Union and have a little drink with her. Never saying no to a free a drink I went ahead. Turns out the Stirling Uni Rag Pub Quiz was on, with only the two of us we thought we might as well give it a go and have a laugh in the process. 'We can't afford a team name' was born and the quiz set off.

We didn't start off too well, but eventually we pulled our way up and came out on 4th place out of about 8 teams. The team that did win had 12 people in it, breaking the '6 per team' rule but, what ever I am not bitter, we had a laugh and enjoyed ourself. One of the winners won tickets to see the Hypnotist, who was there as part of our Freshers week, they had two spare tickets so kindly donated them to my friend and I, we happily accepted and headed down for further free fun.

I had never been to a hypnotist before and really wanted to give it a go. We got there about 5 minutes before the show started and we had no where to sit, being slightly tipsy and realising if I volunteered I would be given a seat I decided to 'fuck it' and go up on stage. After a few exercises to see how easy it was for the hypnotist to put us under he choose his victims and put us to sleep.

Can I just point out that every time he put me to sleep I woke up and there was drool everywhere, it was NOT a pretty sight I must say!
The hypnotist then went on to have a little bit of fun with us, first off he had us pretending we where the best pianists of all time, now the whole thing is kind of like a dream to me but, I kind of remember kicking my legs and waving about during this. I have a funny feeling I thought I was Jean Martyn off this years Britain's Got Talent! If you don't know who that us click here and that will give you an idea of how I was getting on.

About to rock the house with our Pianos
 He then went on to convince us that we where on a plan to Caribbean and where enjoying our in flight film. Which started off as a comedy making us laugh hysterically, anyone who knows me will know my laugh is HIGHLY embarrassing to begin with anyway, a horror film which made us scream, but the worst was to come. The in flight film suddenly turned in a 'Blue Movie' which was okay, until he told us someone we knew was in it, and then that we where in it as well. I will not inform you who was in my film, although ask any of the 100+ audience members and they will surely tell you!
On to the half time show!
At half time I thought to myself great the horror is over, sadly not, we where brought backstage and told to dress up. Turns out the guys who volunteered where going to BE the half time show. This is where night gets that little bit more interesting for the audience and a little bit more embarrassing for the rest of us! The half time show was opened by Diana Ross, and then along came Abba.

Yes that is me in a ginger wig thinking I was Abba, all singing all dancing.
So after Abba, Dolly Parton made an appearance, as did Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga also turned up, not to mention Kylie Minogue  but then along game Jedward....

Surprisingly I actually liked my hair like that, wasn't 100% sure about the Silver Jumpsuit though

After a performance by Freddie Mercury and  Michael Jackson half time was over and if I thought I would get off lightly boy was I wrong.

The boys where then given these magical glasses which allowed us to see all of the girls in the room naked, upon realising this wasn't really my thing I got a new pair which allowed me to see the guys naked, I have to say it was a lovely sight, but honestly, I don't need no glasses to see the guys I want naked.

My glasses where picked just for me, green, how original giving the 'Irish Guy' the green glasses!

So after having a little but more fun with us, making us believe we where the ones actually naked, then making us believe we had lost our penis' and then finally returning them to us, but to my joy it had grew significantly larger (not that it was needed mind you). After making us believe we where part of the Russian Ballet dancing to Swan Lake the audience decided I was the best dancer (thanks audience) so I was so very kindly hypnotised into believing that I was the one and only Michael Flatley. Now on a normal day I like to Irish Dance around my room when B*Witched comes on my Ipod, but this was just horrible!

Showing off my true Irish Heritage!

Coming to the end of the show now and the Hypnotist thought he was being a bit harsh on us so he thought he would give us a parting gift. The best orgasm we had ever experienced. Whenever he shook our hand we would receive said gift, apart from me. Turns out I was made to chase him about and force him to shake my hand. Which was embarrassing enough, until everyone got to witness me believing I was having an orgasm.

Best Orgasm Face EVER!
 Was so good I literally fell straight to the floor.

Was this the end of the night? No? How should any good show end? That's right! With the Full Monty!

Why I had a chair I will never know....

 Waking up and thinking wondering why I was basically naked in front of 100 people!

So yeh, this was my Hypnosis experience. The whole thing was a bit of a blur. I can kind of remember everything happening, although it feels like a dream. It is hard to explain little bits keep coming back to me. I knew what I was doing the whole time, I think, but I just couldn't stop myself.

None the less, I had an AMAZING night, I enjoyed myself, got a few cheers at the end and a few handshakes, and now it would seem I have no shame whatsoever within Stirling University!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The 'Right' Way to Go

Tough on causes of crime, tougher on crime.
I am a believer that there are causes to crimes. Every action has a cause. Growing up in a council estate is not a cause for crime. Yes in some cases but not in all. Dropping out of school is not a cause for crime. Yes in some cases but not in all. Crime is committed because people think there is nothing wrong with their action, they can get away with it, don't care what happens to them or that conditions in prison are better than those they currently face. Yes some of these situations should be brought to a position of importance. However rulings on those that do commit crimes should be reformed first.
What really annoys me is that people commit crimes and then get away with them. If a criminal pleads guilty to a crime they are given a less harsh sentence or on some occasions are set free all together. I am sorry but this is wrong. People should not be rewarded for admitting to a crime. 'Do the crime do the time.' If you are not prepared for the consequences don't kill the person in the first place. People who commit crimes need to be given harsher, longer sentences. Bring in more life sentences if you ask me.
Not enough money to accommodate more prisoners.
This may be true but that is because too much money is spent on prisons. When you go to prison you go to be punished. Yet for some people prison is a life of luxury. It is a common occurrence for some people to commit crimes because when they are sent to prison they are given rooms with Sky TV and a Playstation 3. I am sorry but that is wrong. Less money needs to spend on accommodating prisoners. Human Rights has nothing to do with it. You commit a crime you get punished, you get put into jail, your Human Rights are stripped down to the basics. You live in a cell with a bed, a toilet and a sink. You are there because you are a horrible person who breaks the law, not to live a better life than you would on the outside.

Less Police, more powers.
I recently read an article about a Police Officer who got an award for going into a gang fight and breaking it up single handed. David Cameron commemorated him and praised the British Police force for risking their lives everyday to keep our streets safe. I am sorry but has he seen Northern Ireland Police? If a riot breaks out they send down half a dozen riot vans for them to sit there and do nothing and let the gangs get on with it. When the police do get out in their riot gear, again they stand and do nothing. Why? Because if they intervened it would be against Health and Safety or a rioter would sue the officer for touching them. This irritates me to no end. There should be less police on the roads, including traffic wardens, but they should also be given more powers. A police officer should have the power to go up to a rioter grab him and throw him into a riot van to be arrested.

The nation that sues.
If a police officer did that today Health and Safety would go mad and he would most likely get sued by the rioter and possibly fired. This is ridiculous. We sue too much. If a burglar comes into your home to steal your television and trips on your carpet and breaks his neck, he will come out better than you. He may get charged for attempted burglary or breaking and entering. But will get let off for pleading guilty so that he can then go on and sue you because he now has a broken neck and can't go to work any more. Seriously? This is the nation we now live in. It is a disgrace.
*update* 23/07/2011 a man was let off after stabbing and killing a burglar. Four men entered his house, one with a machete, and he tried to defend himself. The judge said due to the 'defensive' and 'frightening' circumstances the man was allowed to walk free. Thank God there is some sense in the world today.
People sue companies for thousands. There is a note up in my work about a 'Ten Thousand Pound Grape' because a women slipped on a grape and sued a shop somewhere. She was off work for a week because of a sprained ankle so lost a weeks wages. Which she ended up getting half of anyway because she was off on the sick. Yet she still has the ability to get all this money for no reason. In this situation the women should have got the money she would have earned if she was working normally and nothing else. If this is common practice people could earn millions by slipping in shopping centres and supermarkets. What a job that would be!

Free money for all.
People who get money for doing nothing annoy me. 'The Dole' annoys me. People get all this money for not having a job and sitting about the house watching, and frequently appearing on, the likes of 'Jeremey Kyle'. Then get even more money for popping out babies left right and centre. This needs to be stopped. People should only get benefits if they are seen to be out actively searching for a job or currently in a job which does not pay. Child Benefits should not be given to families where both parents are unemployed. If they cannot afford to raise the child they should not of had it in the first place. In my opinion that is bad parenting and the child should go into care where it would most likely have a better life anyway. People need to get off their sofa and go out and get a job.

But all the Foreign people have the jobs.
This may be true but a fluent speaker of the English Language with minimal GCSE grades would be a better candidate for any job than an Immigrant who can barely speak English and has no qualifications. Well that is they way it should be anyway. How can a person come into the United Kingdom, and live and work without basic qualifications? How is that someone who can't even speak English can get a job in Customer Relations when people born in this country where turned down because they got a D in English GCSE but can still speak and understand English well enough. This is a disgrace. Restrictions to this country need to be much stronger. People who want to live in this country need to be able to have a C or above in English and Maths GCSE's. After all that is the norm for the rest of us. Equality my backside.

We are all for Equal Rights.
I am sick of Equal Rights. What is wrong with the best person for the job. Companies get slandered all the time because they have no Women in powerful positions or because they do not have enough diversity in the company. So hire/promote people who are not suitable for the job. The reason because there is a White Male CEO is not because the company is racist and sexist, it is because he was the best man for the job. Equality and 'Political Correctness' has gone too far in this country. It really needs to be sorted out. We are turning into America with 'quota' based systems.

Now lets not even get me started on Europe, Foreign Aid, Socialists, NHS, Gays, Religion or anything or you will be reading for a good hour.
This country needs to pushed back in 'right' direction. (and yes that was Conservative pun)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Unionism is nationalism NOT Nationalism

This may come as a big shock to everyone, but I am, in fact, a nationalist.

There are two forms of nationalism in Northern Ireland, Republicanism and Loyalism. Both are different forms of nationalism; while Republicanism is nationalistic towards Ireland, Loyalism is nationalistic towards the United Kingdom.

These two phrases 'Nationalist' and 'Unionist' in my opinion are very out-dated. They no longer mean what they used to and it could be argued that they are used the wrong way round. A Nationalist is actually a Unionist and Unionist is actually a Nationalist. This brings me back to me first stating that I was a nationalist. In today's society 'Nationalists' are fighting for a union once again between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland while 'Unionists' are fighting to stay part of the nation which is United Kingdom. Yes during the early part of the twentieth century these terms where used to a different effect and worked back then, but now I feel as if they are no longer terms which are useful in the twenty first century. People fail to see the difference in Nationalism and nationalism and this is where the confusion lies.

Of course what I just wrote could be debated in a completely different arguing that 'Unionists' are fighting for the continuing union of the United Kingdom, however I feel it is interesting to think that both phrases actually work for both parties.

Benedict Anderson argues that 'the nation' is this 'imagined community'. I feel that I have to disagree with him as if a nation is imagined, then it does not exist and then therefore there is nothing to be proud of. I am British. If my nationality is towards this 'imagined community' then where does that leave me? Can I be part of more than one community? Can I imagine my own community?

I suppose though this is true in Sinn Fein's form of Nationalism. They believe in an imagined 'United Ireland' This imagined community is more of a geographical rather than political doctrine as it not official due to Northern Ireland officially being a part of the United Kingdom. It is also imagined in the sense that we do not know all of those in our community and will never meet them. No matter this community does exist whether imagined or not. This community is due to an official Nation pre 1921.

It is hard to not be biased in this blog but I know I am being it. Personally I dislike the fact that the people of Northern Ireland can have dual-nationality and have both a British and Irish passport. People constantly try to claim that I have this opinion because I am a 'Unionist' however this is not the case. In my mind you cannot have two nationalities. If nationalists believe that the nation is the central principle of political organisation, then you cannot have two nationalities. It would be impossible to carry out the laws of both political establishments and there would always have to be one, which in your mind, carried more political sovereignty. The problem with having an Irish Passport and a British Passport is that you can now be conscripted by either army, but what happens if the two countries went to war, which side would you pick? I just feel that too many complications arise from having dual-nationality.

An opinion that I have, even if it is rather harsh, is if you don't like it then pack up and move. If people in Northern Ireland want to be part of Ireland why don't they just move there? To me it makes more sense than having this tension between the two communities. It all comes down to the fact that, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom whether they like it or not. But do not get me wrong, if a referendum was held and the people voted for a United Ireland, there is nothing I could do about it as the majority of the people would have voted for it. But today, a majority of the people do not want it.

If a United Ireland happened, I would have two options. Take pride in my new Irish Nationality, or pack up and move to the United Kingdom. To be perfectly honest right now I am not sure what I would do. I am not a 'Unionist' because of my family, or my religion, but because of my great pride of being part of the United Kingdom but mainly because that is what is FACT. But if this fact changed and I now did live in Ireland, I may just embrace my Irish-ness and become Irish. However I am possibly swayed more towards moving to the United Kingdom, simply because it means I would be able to vote for Jedward in 2012 Eurovision as it is possible they will be representing them again.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

One Year Anniversary!

Happy One Year Out Of The Closet!

Well we celebrate coming out of a womb (ewww) so I just thought I would celebrate coming out of the closet! It really doesn't feel like it has been a year since the car crash, but then again it seems like over a year ago. The past year has been a complete change in lifestyle for me, not only because I am 'out' and don't have to hide who I am any more, but I moved to Scotland and lived by myself for a year at uni. Living away from home really gave me a chance to learn more about myself and actually be who I am with out having to hide it from my parents. I dunno it was just nice to go on dates and have guys round without making up a million excuses to my family as to where I was going and who I was with. Once I came out I never had the best relationship with my family.

At first I blamed them and said it was all there fault. I blamed them for me having to always lie to them. I blamed them for never telling them. I blamed them for hating them so much. Over the past year I have realised that, no, it wasn't all their fault. I was a horrible son to them. I always started arguments, I never let them into my life and I tried to shift any blame to them. Now I think my mum and I have realised that we have both made mistakes and both where to blame at times. The relationship with my mother is better now and I am so thankful for that.

26th June 2010

I had been going out with my boyfriend for one month. So we decided to go for a drive up the mountains and go for a walk. Of course I had told my mother I was only 5 minutes down the road at my friends house. Well anyway we got the mountain and it was kind of boring so decided we wanted to do something else. Both being as indecisive as the other we decided to play Rock Scissors Paper to see what we would do. After 'A drive to Newcastle' won, my boyfriend said "It was Fate" and away we went.

So anyway off we went on our drive. It was the Lisburn Fun Run so I couldn't go back into the town to go that way so I had to take a different route. I had never drove down that road before so was a bit cautious when I was driving. After all how could I explain a car crash in the middle of nowhere with a boy my mother had never heard about when I supposed to be 5 minutes down the road at a friends? Eventually we got onto the road I originally wanted to be on so I was a wee bit more confident and kept on driving.

We stopped off at a Garage half way there. This is the 'infamous' garage I always made my family stop off at because it made the most amazing ice cream ever. I don't think we got ice cream I can't really remember but we got something to snack on anyway. We stayed in the car for a bit while we ate and then off we went again.

After this stop there are few very large 'S bends' in the road, it was round the last that the crash happened. It is still a bit of a blur to me all I can remember is that I lost control of the car (possibly from hitting a pothole) mounted the curb and slid down the grass.

Great I had crashed my mothers car, for the second time in two weeks, a half an hour drive away from home, when I was supposed to be 5 minutes away, with my boyfriend, when my mother never even knew I was gay. I had NO idea how to get out of this one.

The two left wheels where completely wrecked, they where slashed on impact with the curb, there was no way I was getting that car home. I remember bursting into tears, the only thing I could was phone my mum and tell her everything. So I did. The only thing I remember from that conversation was my mum saying 'you are fucking where?' when I told her where I was and 'you are with fucking who?' when I told her I was with my boyfriend. I cried for a good ten minutes not knowing what was going to happen. The only thing I could think of doing was phoning my assistant head of year and telling her what happened. She calmed me down and made sure that I knew everything was going to be all right. She later told me that she had been drinking that night but was about to phone a taxi to come and get me. I love her so much, she really was the rock that I needed during everything.

So then the family arrived, mum, dad and sister. As soon as my mum saw she began screaming and I began crying. My dad never spoke to me. While my sister just gave me a look that said 'you have really done it this time'. I hated every second of that night it is mostly a blur right now I just remember a lot of screaming and a lot of crying. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that my teacher was on the other end of the phone and that my boyfriend was by my side holding my hand.

He did a lot for me that night without even knowing it. I know it sounds silly but if he wasn't there things would have been so different. I don't mean it wouldn't have happened. I mean if I didn't have his support I don't know what I would have done.

The car journey home was horrible. Half an hour of complete silence. No radio, not nothing. I tried so hard not to cry. I folded my arms so I could grab hold of my boyfriends hand without my mother noticing. Once we got home my sister brought him home and I went to have a conversation with my mum and dad.

I am not sure what angered them more. The fact that I was gay, the fact I was gay but never told them, or the fact that for the past few months I had lied to them every week about where I was going and who I was seeing.

Two days later I had my first Politics A-level. Two days after that I had my last exam. My friend dropped me off home after a McDonalds lunch, I got in got changed went outside into the sun with my laptop and a bottle of WKD to celebrate the end of my High School Life. I signed onto msn and up popped my boyfriend on chat. "I don't think we should go out any more" My heart sank. I literally went from the top of the world to nothing. We argued over msn and then I just burst into tears and rang my friend. She came back and looked after me.

At the time I needed him the most he deserted me, to be honest I don't think I will ever forgive him for that. We still speak, occasionally, but always end up arguing over something and don't speak for a few months. The next few weeks where the worst I had ever experienced. Not only had I lost a boyfriend, but I had lost the trust of my family. This is when the hate began. This is where it all went wrong.

Looking back I could have handled the whole situation better. But I suppose the whole experience has made me grow as a person. In a way I am kind of lucky. I now have a better relationship with my family and have a more mature few point in things.

My coming out story is a little bit different than your usual story. I guess nothing can ever be normal with me...

One thing my boyfriend said was true though... it was fate after all...

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Customer is Never Right

I am sorry but customers are idiots, actually the thing I hate most about my job is the customers. I work as a checkout operator in a local Supermarket. I love it. All I do is stand by my till all day scanning items, doing lottery tickets, selling gas and electricity and handing out cigarettes and alcohol to anyone who shows me a valid ID. The people I work with are amazing, we laugh, we gossip and genuinely have a good time. The only thing that makes me dread going to work every day are the customers.

Sure some of them are lovely. I have a nice time chatting to elderly women, hearing about their day, laughing at cute babies and asking their mothers how old they are, chatting to friends and neighbours who come by to buy a litre of milk but the most enjoyable past time in work, checking out all the hot guys who pass through that door. Sadly none of them, gay or otherwise, give me a second look, but still it is nice to look. It is these rare few times that I like customers. But I must stress the word rare.

The customer is always right. Well pardon my French but by hell they are. In my short while working numerous jobs I can tell you 9 times out of 10 the customer is not right but you being the great employee you are have to tell them they are because it is all about customer satisfaction. Maybe if a customer actually read the tag correctly they would see it is marked as '£1 off' and not as they so hoped marked '£9 off'. Or if the customer took the time to read the coupon they would realise that you cannot use it unless you spend over £40 or that the offer doesn't even start until next week. But, because the customer is always right, we have to abide by their demands, for fear of losing customers.

This really annoys me, customers basically rob the shop because owners fear they are going to lose one measly customer who only comes in to buy the Sunday newspaper ever other week but who happened to make up some offer in his head this time. So while this customer gets the item for £1 instead of £1 off, I then get shouted at because the next day my till is £2.45 short. If owners spent more time worrying about giving customers free stuff and less time putting employees on final warnings for the stupidest of stuff they would have a better work environment. Happy workers are the key to a healthy business not rip-off customers.

Yes I may be jealous because my customers get treated better than I do but I am sorry if I wish I had more respect from my boss. The job which I currently have I started in September 2009 and that Christmas decided to go to the work Christmas dinner with my sister as she had worked in the same place for a number of years. However on this particular occasion by boss, who I had worked for four months for, thought I was a waiter and demanded to see my manager because the table next to us was throwing food. How I so wanted to tell him that he was sitting beside my manager but I was far too embarrassed and ashamed that my own boss never knew who I was. But I soon realised I had nothing to be ashamed of, he did, how can a Business Owner claim he runs a successful business when he doesn't even recognise the face of his own staff?

Fair enough the man owns three stores, but that is no excuse. He had obviously seen me in the shop after I had served him and his wife on numerous occasions. One of his assistant managers is my sister so I would be assuming he would know her brother worked for him. He had shook my hand earlier that evening as we waited for the bus to arrive to pick us up. Was he really so blind that he never remembered my face? Does he see every employee as hamsters to his money making machine? I don't know but what I do know is that a company should learn to understand that to stop it from falling apart is to look after its employees a little bit better.

The customer is not always right. The employee is not always right. And the owner definitely isn't always right. Me however? I try to be right all of the time and when I am not I will scream until you admit that I am ^.^

Friday, 3 June 2011

Gays are too Gay

Yes I am a homosexual, but I am not under any circumstances 'gay'. I hate being labelled. I hate being introduced as 'the gay friend'. I hate how my sexuality seems to be how people describe me. Fair enough, I am pretty camp, but that is because of who I am, not what I am. There is so much more to me than just being gay.

I study History and Politics.
I want to be the Prime Minister one day.
If I do not get into politics I want to become a teacher.
I enjoy writing and often write poetry.
My favourite colour is blue.
I like to sleep with my teddy.
My nickname is Nando.
I love Glee.

You know this list goes on and on. I may be sexually attracted to guys but that does not make me part of some 'community' or automatically fit into some sort of stereotype. Sure I may fit into some of these stereotypes, but so what? I don't introduce some people as my 'straight friend', automatically assume that they are a sports fanatic or even fancy every girl that has ever walked the earth. Sure I may talk about guys a lot, but last time I checked straight people talk about the opposite sex a lot as well. It just annoys me that people think they automatically know who I am and everything about me because I am gay. Well I'm sorry but no you don't. Most people are surprised to find out that I am obsessed with Black Ops. Why should you be surprised? It isn't like it is a straight only game.

What makes this all worse though is people who I like to call 'Gay gays'. These are the people who constantly like to remind others they are gay, put all over their twitter that they are gay, are always talking about how discriminated against they are, trying to play the 'gay card' when life doesn't go their way. Well I am sorry, but the person who fell out with you, didn't do so because you gay, they did it because you are not a very nice person to hang about with, you didn't get that job because the employer was homophobic, you didn't get it because the person who got it was just more qualified than you and for goodness sake people don't call you a slut because you are gay, they call you one because you have sex with every guy you come across.

Some gay people need to stop being 'Gay' and start being who they are. It really bugs me when people try and revolve their whole life around their sexuality, there is so much more to a person than their sexuality and if people ever want to cut out homophobia they need to realise that being gay isn't everything.

Before I continue I would like to point out that this is not a blog giving off at or separating 'queens' or 'straight acting' people as that is another argument all together. Both 'types' of gays are guilty of this. I myself have been guilty of this as some of my friends like to point out to me when I go off on this rant.

But. Back to the main point. Some gay people spend too much time stereotyping themselves and constantly reminding people that they are gay that they further separate themselves from everyone else. In my opinion fighting for Gay Rights is about both 'communities' coming together and showing people that we are the same whether we are gay, straight, lesbian, transgender or whatever. I just wish people would stop making it worse for themselves.

Yes I do think that some people make it worse for themselves. Fighting for gay rights is something that I have done in the past and will continue to do in some situations where I feel that my voice should be heard. Those people who fight for such rights are an admiration to me that they stand up there and fight for these things. But they are not fighting for your rights so that you can constantly make yourself different and constantly try to feel discriminated against. Yes there are some occasions where gay people are discriminated against which is wrong, but that does not give anyone the right to say they always are. In fact sometimes I feel like when some people play the 'gay card' they are spitting in the faces of the people who stand up for the rights of homosexual people.

Right so this blog has been a bit all over the place but I would just like to sum up my argument, if possible. Basically I believe that some gay people should stop focussing on how different they are to everyone else and start realising that everybody is all the same no matter what their sexuality. People, both straight and gay, need to realise that nobody should be described by their sexuality. The gender of person who you want to share a bed with does not dictate who you are, it is how you treat that person and everyone else around you which dictates who you are. So stop trying to be 'Gay' and start being yourself and you will find that those rights you want and deserve are within all of our grasps.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Geddes Court - The Ghetto

Well that is it, my last exam of the academic year is finally over. This is where Summer 2011 begins for me and where First Year of University ends. It has been a long, tiring, enjoyable, amazing, best and worst year of my life. This is a journey most of us have already taken or are soon to take, there are a lot of things I would change if I could go back, but if I did, would I have learnt everything I now know? Would I be the person I am today? Would I be any happier?

September 11th. This day will forever stick in my head, not the day in 2001 but the day in 2010. This was the day I became independent. This was the day I finally moved out of my parents house and moved into First Year Halls. I still remember the first time I walked into Geddes Court, the first time I saw my future best friend, the first thing Rachel Moss, my future 'Fag Hag', ever said to me, the first time I thought 'Wow this carpet is horrendous' but most importantly I remember the first time I ever saw my father cry.

Not only was this one of the most amazing days in my life it was also going to be very challenging day. I had to leave the house that I had grew up in for 18 years, the family that became friends, the street that became a neighbourhood, the High School that became a family, the work that became a social life, the friends that became my life, the town that became a city, I had to leave home. I remember the week before I left, it was filled with tears and sorrow but also of hope for the future and the many times I said 'Don't worry I will see you at Christmas'. Leaving home was the hardest thing I have ever done.

How could a building that was built on designs of a Swedish Prison become my new home? How could this city ever compare to the one I grew up in? How was I going to live in such a tiny room? How was I going to share a bathroom, a kitchen and a shower with 17 other people? I never knew how I ever coped with any of this but I did and I loved it.

I have lost count of the times I have sat and cried in my room and wanted nothing more than to go home and to sleep in my own bed and hug my mother. Since coming here in September I have been home twice and at times I wished it was more. But at the same time I wish it was less, at Christmas I made my mum bring me back early because I missed the place so much.

I will admit some of the people in this building drive me to insanity and I would happily never speak to some of them ever again. Others I hope to never lose touch with and I hope they will be a huge part of my life for years to come. And the rest? Sadly I never got the pleasure to meet them, but there is still three years left to meet them. Eventually Geddes didn't just become 'that building where I live' it soon became 'home' and so did everyone in it, even the ones I did hate. Yes I never got off to the best of starts with people and there are still a few I will never get on well with but that is all part of the 'Ghetto Life'. Living here has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life but like that first day it was one of the most challenging experiences I have had to deal with.

Leaving Geddes is a very Bitter/Sweet moment for me; I cannot wait for the life of me to get home have a nice hot bath, annoy my mother as to what she is making for dinner and just get away from every single one of them for three months, I will miss every single one of them, my best friends, the people I hate and even those I never got to love or hate, I will truly miss them all.

Now before I start to cry any more as I write this I will leave the people of Geddes (and anyone else reading) with two things. First of all the best of luck to everyone in their exams and I hope you all have an amazing summer and I am sure I will see you all walking about uni next year looking just as lost and confused as we did this year, and finally these lyrics which just seem to capture that bitter/sweet feeling, but also, with a sense of hope for the future added in.

Been a long day, on my way
To my holy place to pray
Give thanks for every blessing given to me
I know there's more to see, more to me
No more living in misery
'Cause this is how I visioned life to be

Searched high and low, so close yet so far to go
I just know there's a sunny day

Who'd ever thought that I would see this day
Where I would see my ghetto life fade away
'Cause I was lost and couldn't find a way
And now I look forward to every day

Welcome to my sunny day!

This not the end, it is only the beginning of a whole new life.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friendships shorter than a Tweet

There is the good old saying that 'Facebook is for the friends you hate and Twitter is for the friends you don't know'. I suppose this is true as a very limited number of my followers I actually know in real life and in fact have never met someone in real life who I previously knew from Twitter. Personally, I am not a big fan of having my friends on my Twitter because I usually want to bitch about them, mainly people who I live with or dick heads who appear on my News Feed on Facebook, but as more and more people I know start to follow me this becomes more and more difficult. My life just gets too stressful when I do not have a means to vent my anger at people who neither know what I am talking about or probably even care.

However in saying this, you do get the odd person on Twitter who does care, first of all you start '@replying' them, then over a space of time it moves onto 'Direct Messaging' and will then usually end up in adding them on Facebook, Skype or MSN. It is these Tweeters which bring me back to Twitter time and time again. It is these few people who make me check my Replies or who make me read my timeline rather than just post a tweet and leave. It is these people who make me enjoy my time on Twitter. Sadly most of these eventually drift away and you lose touch with them and in some cases don't speak to them for months on end.

Sometimes I forget that people on Twitter actually have social lives, you know, real friends, work, school or just in general an actual life outside of Twitter. I don't know I am just getting sick of having friendships on Twitter which are shorter than a Tweet it self. Twitter has moved from being for the 'friends you don't know' to a bunch of people who 'used to be friends but no longer remember you'. Do not get me wrong, I have fallen to the social awkwardness of 'I can't remember telling you that' before, but it seems to happen to me a lot more than me forgetting the person.

Although I was talking to my friend about this today, I seem to remember stuff more than other people. I will be talking to someone and more often than not they will say 'I can't remember telling you that' or something to that effect. I guess the fact that I remember some things that others don't upsets me, it just makes me feel that they have made a bigger impact in my life than I have in their's. I suppose that his just shows a Human Nature of wanting to be recognised and noticed in life.

Everyone who has ever posted a Facebook status, tweeted, logged into Foursquare or wrote a blog is attention seeking. Everyone, myself included, is looking for a response from someone, we all just want some reignition in this world filled with celebrities and fame. What is stopping us from achieving this? The only way a 'normal' person can get themselves out their is from the ever growing forum that is the internet. Singers, writers, comedians are constantly found on on YouTube and the likes, look at Britain's Got Talent and X Factor they have even started taking auditions from YouTube.

Because of this we are haunted by the fear of not being noticed. Why am I not getting views on my YouTube video? Why has nobody liked my Facebook status? Why did nobody retweet that? That is not a way I want to live my life, with the constant self doubt of not being cared about or not being as popular or as funny as someone else. Why should I have to live like that? I am decent enough guy, I have good friends, I have plenty of enemies, but everyone does. I want to be able to come online and write blogs or tweet because I want to, not to please someone else. I just hope one day I can 100% tell myself that this is true. Can you?

What has the internet turned us into? We have shorter attention spans, adverts on TV have had to be shortened, to give us more variety and more concise information for a market who want's choice and lots of it. If we condense our life into 140 characters, where does that leave us? We get bored of friendships that arn't going anywhere, we need that constant attention from someone. And relationships? They have become even worse, we can't settle down, we need drama, we can no longer allow our lives to be boring. Why should we settle for a life where everything is always the same when we can go online and find millions of different things to entertain us?

I am in no way going to deny that any of this applies to me, because most of it does. Nor am I saying that any of this is right, I do not like my life being like this but sometimes I just feel like I am trapped in a vicious circle. Obviously this is not the way anyone should lead their life but all of us will do it in some way or other whether it have a huge effect or just small one.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Scottish Independence: Part 1 An Overview

So, SNP have grasped power in the Scottish Parliament, and now once agian the debate of Scottish Independency is back in the forefront of peoples minds. Is independency viable? Is it better for Scotland? Will it happen? Should it happen? In my opinion the answer to all these questions is 'NO' and that is what I will mark on a referendum if one ever comes to light.

I don't want an Independent Scotland and most likely you are not going to want it either. In a recent survey done, 58% of the people would like a referendum to be held, this sounds promising to any YES campaign, but only on the surface. Only 38% of the people of those people actually want independence with a majority of 54% stating they would rather stay part of the United Kingdom. So it is more likely that people want this referendum to tell the SNP that they do not want to a State in their own right and enjoy the benefits of being part of the United Kingdom. So why should we sit back and let the SNP dictate what they think they got elected in for?

Scottish Independence was not a serious issue for the SNP in the 2011 elections, it was however an issue for Labour. Scottish Labour stated they where going to fight against an Independent Scotland, this could be the reason why Labour lost some seats as the Electorate where not concerned on the issue at this time. If people wanted Independence they would vote for SNP on a national level, Westminster, not on a local level. People voted SNP to the Scottish Parliament because they wanted an alternative to Labour and to punish Liberal Democrats. The SNP where the better option as they had great success in their performance in office and they readily engaged with the Scottish People in a way which Labour never did.

Independancy is not economically viable, now yes Scotland have all this Oil, and I do not know how many times I have read 'we have water, we could survive on Hydro'. Well yes it may be viable in 10 or 20 years time when Hydro power is providing closer to 100% of its energy rather than the 20% or so it is now. Maybe then Scotland could be self sufficient, but for now, it could not survive. Off-shore oil is in a steady decline and over the past decade has fluctuated between £5 million and £1 million, this does not pave the way for a solid income. Not only that but it is going to cost over £5000 a year on taxes, over the taxes being paid already. A new Scottish Government is going to be facing between £4.4 billion and £8 billion a year less than what it is currently receiving as part of the United Kingdom.

I don't want an Independent Scotland. Polls show you most likely don't want one. SNP didn't actually campaign for it. I doubt most economists want it, but most importantly, none of the three main parties in Westminster want it. All have stated, in one way or another, that if a referendum came to the table they would all help campaign the 'NO' vote. David Cameron has been very vocal in this and I agree why shouldn't he be. United Kingdom is a very special country, being a 'country of countries' and would lose some of its credibility as this if Scotland were to break away. Yes, for Cameron, it is a point of pride, but what is wrong with that? Giving up Scotland is giving up 500 years of British History!

I do not want to lose out on Scotland, who is going to support us in the tennis now....?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

One Currency to Rule Them

One currency to rule them all, One currency to find them,
One currency to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the land of Brussels where the shadows lie.

So I am not a big fan of the European Union as you all probably know. There are many reasons why I do not like it, and I shall possibly write a blog about this at some stage. But for now I would like to focus on why Britain should not join the Euro.

The 'LOTR' adapted quote shows one of my main reasons for not wanting to joining the Euro: stability. It may result in an unsustainable economy throughout Europe, and one country may bring down the rest of us. If this does happen and one or two countries then decide to opt back out of the Euro which could tip the balance in any form of Inflation Policies. The UK should be wary that joining the Euro may have its benefits but only during periods of Economic Strengths, which the world in general, and certainly Europe are not experiencing.

Due to a single interest rate, the EU will have to increase payments to countries which have had their debt and interest rates increased, which will reflect badly on the rest of the EU. This happened in Holland where inflation grew by 48%. It will be harder for such countries to sustain a failing currency and Holland would be better off starting a new currency entirely, which brings back to the possibility of them having to leave the Union.

We have handed over most of our political sovereignty to Brussels; why should we give it our financial power as well? Whether or not they would handle it well isn't the case. We are the United Kingdom, we are British, we are a country who is giving all our power over. People in Scotland don't like the Government because there is England; who has been making their laws. So why should we stand for someone in France making the rules for the entire UK?

Finally I simply just cannot be bothered to change currency, I am not very good with maths and the worst thing about going on holidays is the annoyance of constantly having to convert currency. I simply don't like it. I know this last point one is a terrible excuse, but I would be lying if I didn't say it was a factor.

Yes, I know there are many reasons for why the Euro should be introduced, but I hope my arguments effectively counter them. At the end of the day: we cannot implement the Euro at this time anyway for three important reasons.

1) The Maastricht convergence criterion state that our public debt must be below 60% of deficit; below 3% of GPD. Even economic observers state that the Government aims of creating this are optimistic in the short term. (which is, as of March of this year, at 76.1%)

2) We must have spent 2 years in the ERM which Britain have yet to do especially after 'Black Wednesday' in 1992.

3) Public Opinion. There has been little proper coverage to the public about this issue, if the Euro is to be put in place the two main parties who support the Euro state a Referendum must be held. Taking into account the recent Referendum which had just over 50% turn out voter fatigue may play a part which will put back the date of any such referendum.

For now I think we should be happy with Sterling and if the Euro is what we need, then perhaps we should wait, and see if our circumstances become any better.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hitler's Coalition Government!

So we all know that Hitler is described as one of the most evil people to roam the earth. Yes Hitler was a horrible man, the way he went about everything was horrible and words cannot comprehend the things he did. So how can I say that Adolf Hitler, in my eyes, is an admirable politician and I actually don't think people understand what a political genius he was.

Hitler was a 'minority of minorities' and yet still came to be the most powerful man in the country. In May 1928 he had only 2.8% of the vote and in 15 years, 1938, he managed to become Fuhrer the most powerful man in German Politics. And it should be noted that Hitler only became a German citizen in 1932, meaning it would only take him 6 years from being allowed to run for any form of public office to achieve his ultimate dream. Yes violence was a part of this but I am going to focus less on that and the more on the practical ways which he came to power.

Hitler was a very 'modern' politician of the time and focused on modern technology to get his support base. His use of radio got his message heard throughout the whole of Germany which is something he could not achieve before the Munich Putsch. His slogan for Presidency 'Hitler Above Germany' was a reference to him using an aircraft to travel around Germany, making him appear very statesmen like.

Even though Hitler was eventually sworn in as Chancellor, it was under a coalition and Nazi's only got few ministry positions - any they did get where relatively powerless and constricted by the the likes of Papen, a more conservative character than Hitler.

Hitler, now on the inside was able to influence the President and called for a second election in 1933 as no one party had gained a majority of the votes. Also in this year the Parliament (Reichstag) just happened to burn down. Playing on the public fears of the 'left' the Nazis where quick to blame a communist culprit for the fire. Exploiting the fears of the public, they see the Nazis as an alternative to Communism, which quickly increased their support base.

Hitler was able to pass the Enabling Act in 1933 which allowed the Cabinet to have legislative powers for 4 years, including those to change the constitution. Hitler still did not have the majority in Parliament and in return for their support Hitler orally promised the liberty of the Church. Well you can see the blunder the Centre Party made.

Now Hitler had complete power and slowly began hacking away at the Democratic Institution from within, and when the President died, he simply wiped out the need for a President and created the position of the Fuhrer. This was against any law, including the Enabling Act, but nobody dared to rival Hitler.

As you can see from all this Hitler succeeded in becoming the most powerful man in Germany in only a few short years. Obviously there are a number of other reasons why Hitler was so successful but I just wanted to point out a few short reasons which I find very interesting.

Personally I admire Hitler for what he did, not in a historical sense; but in the political and for the simple scale of what he managed to achieve.

It just makes you wonder if such a course of action could be repeated again today. Fear of the BNP, the current depression, war and other external and emotional factors could see the rise of a figure who could abuse the powers given to him by the state, and those created by himself.

Again I am going to talk about AV, if the YES campaign does succeed, we will see a complete flip in our political system. Does this not allow a chance for someone to exploit the people's lack of knowledge to fix the system? Could it cause for a rise in extremist parties? Will a government need to 'orally' make deals with parties to get laws past? And what if a party in government decides to make itself new powers to reduce the weaknesses of coalition, will they abuse those powers?

All of these; food for thought. Not sure what I believe myself but it is something to look into.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

(Social) Homophobia is Okay

*WARNING Be Prepared To Hate on This Blog*
(but please read it the whole way through before calling me a Homophobe etc etc...

Personally I believe that Homophobia is not that much of a bad thing in society, it is a form of bullying and nothing else. And yes of course I know that bullying is wrong and shouldn't happen blah blah blah but it will happen and we are never going to completely stamp it out.

I am gay and I got bullied.

Bullying was a horrible part of my life, but it really taught me a lot. I was bullied for a number of things, but one of them for being gay; before and after I came out. I have faced my fair share of homophobia in my life, but it has only made me stronger.

But how can I stand and say that homophobia is a terrible thing and that nobody should be allowed to be homophobic whenever I am slightly racist sexist and even homophobic myself. Now do not get me wrong I have colored and gay people as friends heck I even have females as friends but I still make the odd 'get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich' joke now and then.

When someone gets beaten up due to a 'homophobic attack' I think it should be treated just as equally as any other form of attack Whether you attack someone because they are gay or because they are black or because they kissed your girlfriend it is all the same. They don't like who you are or what you have done, but either way they have attacked you which is wrong, but no attack (of the same physical injury) should be treated any differently just becase it was a 'homophobic attack'

What I am trying to get across is that there is some people out there who will never like me because I am gay, and will condemn who or what I am. But who am I to stand and tell them that they are wrong? That is their personal opinion and if they choose not to like it that is up to them.

Homophobia and Racism etc only exist and are problems in society because we make them problems. Homophobic bullying is no different from bullying someone because you are ginger and until people realize this it will become less of a problem. I use 'thats so gay' all the time in my day to day language but because I say that doesn't make me homophobic just the same as me calling it a 'Blackboard' does not make me racist even if it is politically correct to call it a 'Chalkboard'

When I say all of this I do not for one second believe it is fair to deny someone a job, or housing or any form of public service because of sexual orientation gender or race. BUT if someone has an opinion then they should be allowed to express it. Am I wrong? If so express your opinion on the matter telling me why people should not be allowed to express theirs.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Vote 'NO' on May 5th

This country prides itself in its Democracy where people are all given the same chances and we all have the right to vote. So why should we give this right more to others and less to some? AV will change the Democracy of this country right from the very core of our political system, that core being its citizens voting.This new voting system will allow some people to have their votes counted more than once while your vote will only be counted once. This destroys the principle of “one-man one-vote”, which this, and many other countries, pride themselves in when calling themselves a Democracy.

There are only three countries in the world that use this system, Australia, Fiji and Papa New Guinea. While First Past the Post, our current system is used by 50 countries and is the most widely used system. It seems odd to move from the most used system to one of the least used systems does it not?

Those who claim that the system will make the results more representative cannot prove any of this, neither can those who claim the system will allow extremist parties more chance of getting a seat. However there are quite a number of Political Parties in Britain meaning that it will be harder for a certain candidate to get over 50% of the vote if people spread their second and third choices too widely. Parties such as Green and BNP are still not even guaranteed to get any closer to being elected through this system anyway. Australia uses this system and got its first Green MP in 2010, the same year the UK got it’s first Green MP, and Alliance MP, using our current system. It took Australia 90 years to become more representative using this system. Why fix what isn’t broken?

First Past the Post is an easier and simpler system to use rather than AV; it provides us with strong accountable governments. The current election outcome has been a blip on the radar, while with AV, Coalition Governments will become a more common occurrence. Previous to the coalition government created in 2010 the official Coalition was the National Government during the war which was clearly only there for National Interest. During the twentieth century there have been unofficial coalitions where a party has agreed to pass laws made by the governments as seen in 1978 when Labours majority was eroded during by-elections and relied on Liberal support. This agreement was short of a full coalition and was only there because of by-elections, so it is debateable at how much of a tangent this government actually is.

Supporters of AV will claim that its success will bring more ideas to the table and that this will result in better governing. In my opinion this is a na├»ve view. The amount of ideas will not change, what will change however is where they are debated, the debate will move from the House of Commons to across the Cabinet Table. Too many ideas and opinions on a Cabinet table is not good idea, as it will cause for slow and ineffective governing. Ideas in opposition to the government are needed in opposition to it not within it. I believe that a ‘Coalition Opposition’ rather than ’Coalition Government’ is needed for a better debate and scrutiny of any policy. This in itself makes the government more accountable for its actions as you can easily blame one party for its mistakes; and blame is not blurred by a weak coalition.

First Past the Post is the better option so I am asking you to vote ‘No’ on May 5th. I believe you will be making the better choice, personally I believe there is much strength in having a proportional representation system in place, but I would rather a different system. Say ‘No’ on May 5th and fight for a system better than AV! Say ‘No’ on May 5th and do not let this 2nd or 3rd best system become our only system!