Sunday, 25 March 2012

Northern Ireland (Gay) Adoption Law

Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom that still prohibits gay families to adopt. I am sorry but this has to be some sort of joke or something right? Well sadly it isn't and to make it even better this decision has been made to 'ensure child welfare'. So obviously they are trying to claim that a child's welfare is in danger if it is adopted by a same sex couple.

Frequent readers of my blog will be well aware I am not one for campaigning 'gay rights' and am, in most cases, quite frankly against most of the campaigns put up by the LGBT society as a whole, but it is things like this that really boil my blood. The reason this in particular infuriates me is because it purposefully bans same sex couples to adopt. There is no basic equality. In terms of the marriage movement, there is basic equality as civil partnerships give you the same legal privileges as a traditional marriage, yet here there is no basic equality.

Again what infuriates me is the fact that the rest of the UK will allow adoption to same sex couples but Northern Ireland will not. I am a British Citizen. I expect to have the same rights as every other British Citizen so why don't I? Well basically Devolution is the answer and because of it I have to listen to some idiot religious people who like to pick at particular laws in the Bible. I can handle that my MP, the Rt Hon. Jeffrey Donaldson, has said to me that he will not stand up for my rights in Parliament, because I can trust the maturity and sanity of other MP's do this for me. However in Stormont who is their left to turn to? Politicians in Northern Ireland will always tend to favour the Bible and religion over popular opinion. Northern Ireland does not have a 'Left Wing' and 'Right Wing' of Politics it has a 'Religious Bird' with a 'Non-Religious Feather' because lets be honest the Alliance Party has no real sway in anything.

I fear that this is going to turn into a religious debate or a list of reasons why I believe Devolution should be revoked from Northern Ireland so I am going to have to real myself back in again.

It is argued that because the 'right to adopt' is not recognised in any domestic or international law that Northern Ireland can stop whoever they want from adopting. Well if this argument is the case, to my knowledge, there is no domestic of international law on length of grass in a residential area, so I think we should all campaign that it must be 2 inches or less. What a pathetic excuse it is really. Simply because there is no higher authority pressuring them into it they will just not bother with it. Just because there is no higher law on the matter does not make it an excuse to ignore the matter, it is an opportunity to show the world that Northern Ireland is a progressive country who welcomes people from all walks of life.

This isn't law isn't even a mistake or happened by accident this was a 'deliberate, open-eyed' decision made to prevent same-sex couples from adopting a child. Supposedly to preserve it's welfare or some shit! I have spent the past hour trying to find the statistics I read a while back but no to success. So I cannot prove this and if I can and will put a link here to them. But basically it just said that in Foster cases a higher percentage of same-sex couples moved faster and more often from fostering to adoption than heterosexual couples and that the same-sex couples showed more enthusiasm during the whole process. Is it just me or would that not show a loving caring and stable family for an adoptive child. But then again I must be wrong in my thinking that a caring loving family is better for a child's welfare than staying never being adopted it's whole life.

This is one of the many reasons why Northern Ireland, Religion, Devolution and just people in general really piss me off. What is the point in living in the United Kingdom if it is one law for one person and one for another. If I wanted to live my life like that I would move to America thank you very much.

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